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ENGL 4709: Digital Humanities F 2014


Two companions and a pinboard
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Digital Humanities

Fall 2014: ENGL 4709/5709

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Tue 18 Nov

for 2 Dec
  • finish O'Gorman
  • Create (paper or digitally) a hypericon for this text. Use the index to locate mentions of hypericon and hypericonomy.
  • "a pictorial mise en abyme, a conceptually - and ideologically - loaded image that captures the central argument [of the book]." p 39.

Tue 24 Nov

  • Thanksgiving break

Tue 2 Dec

  • O'Gorman, E-Crit. chaps 4 - 6
  • Your hyper icons
Notes on figure/ground
  • Rubin Vase
  • alternate
  • John Cage 4'33" "4'33" is recognized as a groundbreaking work that synthesizes Cage's interests in chance operations, experimental music, and visual arts. When discussing the work over his lifetime, Cage emphasized that, rather than intending to simply shock his audience, he hoped to attune listeners to silence as a structure within musical notation. In the visual arts, Cage's contemporaries were similarly using chance, “negative space,” and physically dematerialized works that encourage open presentations or interpretations of scripted experiences. " MOMA
  • The Large Glass at Wikipedia
  • Water, Fire, Gulls and Snow

Tue 9 Dec

Finals Meeting: Thurs 11 Dec

  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The weekly syllabus will appear on this page. Older announcements are on DigitalHumanitiesSyllabus

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