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===== Reading the Book of Probes =====
Optional but highly recommended reading
- Sara Rosen, [[ | Book Review: “The Book of Probes” by Marshall McLuhan & David Carson]]
- Steve MacLaughlin, [[ | The Book of Probes Book Review]]

Books by McLuhan in our course Dropbox:

=== for 31 Oct ===
- Read Gordon, "The book of probes", in //The Book of Probes// to get oriented.
- Read introductory mater and first half, to 213. (p 214 starts probes from The Laws of Media)

- Select 9 spreads
- xerox them. color or bw
- bring them to class. in class, we'll be working with them

=== for 7 Nov ===
- Elena Lamberti, [[ | Electric Literacy:
Marshall McLhuan’s “Mosaic” and Laws of Media]]. "According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) was the first to employ the term ‘interface’ in an original context: Interface is the meeting of two structures, or cultures, or conflicting technologies and the way they change each other." Also a pdf in the course Dropbox.
- //Book of Probes// from p 214 to the end of the probes.

- Select 6 spreads. Duplicate them, one side only. Color or b&w;
- Bring them to class to work with, as last week



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