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[[ The Memex]], as discussed at Eric Blue's Blog.>>===== Big Digital Science =====
for week 2: 2 Sept

=== Reading and viewing ===
Read and view and make notes on these for our seminar discussion on 2 Sep. Want more information on who these people are? Google them.

Before the web
- Vannevar. Bush, [[ As We May Think]], 1945. "The world has arrived at an age of cheap complex devices of great reliability; and something is bound to come of it."
- Douglas C. Engelbart: [[ NLS demo, Reel 1]]. (Aka "The Mother of all Demos") "For this presentation, Doug and his team astonished the audience by not only relating their research, but demonstrating it live. This was the debut of the mouse, interactive computing, hypermedia, computer supported software engineering, video teleconferencing, etc." That //etc// includes view control, use of a video terminal, computer manipulation of text rather than numbers (word-processing), early examples of domestic use of very expensive equipment, multitasking, outlining, hypertext, mapping text to space to task, font and text size, windowing, narrow ties ...
- Ted Nelson, [[ Extracts from Computer Lib/Dream Machines]], 1974.
- Laurie Anderson, [[ Home of the Brave]]. Video. Watch from the beginning to 6:00 min. Then Sharkey's Day, from 26:00 - 32:22. And finally, Sharkey's Night from 1:20:55 to the end at 1:30:00. Her earlier work, [[ O Superman]], 1981 shows the beginnings of what Anderson is addressing in Home of the Brave: Getting 0 and I closer together.
- [[ Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0]]. Presner, T (UCLA) and Schnapp, J (2009) Have a look at [[ BLAST]] by comparison, for an earlier sample of aesthetic manifesto.
- [[ Digital_Humanities]], Burdick et al. PDF. Chap 1, hUMANITIeS TO DIGITAL hUMANITIeS, pp 1 - 26. Open access version. It's als in the BSU Library if you're forming a book club and want to read it serially.
- Richard Lanham, [[ What's Next for Text?]]. PDF.

== Prepare for next meeting's discussion.==
- Review, take notes on, consider the artifacts for this week, and add to the artifacts we looked at, with an eye towards cracking them open.
- Add to the artifacts: Tweet urls, references or examples using #en4709.

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