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Back from Break – The Projects

Cat baiting birds with carefully placed birdseed.

“Cat baiting birds with carefully placed birdseed.” by mcmorgan08 is licensed under CC BY-SA

The projects are up and running, and should be be starting week 2 of posting.

We haven’t had a more eclectic mix in a long time, from a scholarly investigation of blog culture, to posts on the supernatural, to a wunderkammer, and an encyclopedia. They are listed below so you can stop in and see what’s going on each week.

The Projects

The Darker Side – Abbie

a blog that shares posts about supernatural topics. The purpose of the blog will be to educate and entertain the reader on these particular topics.

The Stories You Don’t Hear – Aiden

Topics that I am passionate about and using extensive research and thought, come up with unique portrayals of these subjects that are maybe not well-known to the public.

Bible Time – Andrew

I will be reading passages from the Bible and explaining them, not only for myself to understand them better, but so others can learn as well.

Observations of a Tourist – Bonnie

[investigating] two public spaces: one physical (coffee houses) and one digital (weblogs and wikis) with expectations of finding connections and overlap between the two. This project will be a series of hypertext-rich blog posts synthesizing observations, research findings, theories, photographs and commentary.

Travel Blogging – Dani

a variety of travel blogs for explicit and implicit reflections on identity as a tourist; to further my understanding on the topic, I will study the blogs within the lens of scholarly articles and outside sources.

Political Geek Zone – Joshua

a blog on politics and current events. A blog is a very simple method for creating my own publication space where I can work on my professional writing.

Tips for a Healthier Life – Kendra

to educate people on how to live a healthier life by informing them on healthy eating tips and recipes, workout tips and body-image tips. Learning easy ways to have a healthier life is important because will improve one’s life as a whole.

Mr. E’s Monsterous Monsters Wiki – Raya

a wiki encyclopedia for my son’s Monsterous art. Along with the encyclopedia, there will be a discussion of dyslexia and how the creative collaboration of wikis may be beneficial to the dyslexic brain. Weekly reports

Mein Wunderkammer – William

a different look to the interesting parts of the internet and relate academic readings to them. … sometimes informal writing is necessary for the subject at hand, and I want to re-arrange my “wunderkammer” myself.

The Obligatory Reminder

Weekly reports! Post them by Mondays midnight, please.