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as promised: corrected calendar for projects

Here are the corrected dates for the ProjectProposalAssignment.  Sorry for the glitch.

Your project has to be approved by me before starting for credit.

  • Mon Mar 5, midnight Draft proposals due. Post them on a wiki page, not your blog, so we both can review and revise them. I’ll review them and get back to by email on 6 Mar. Expect an approval or a request for revision.
  • If your proposal isn’t approved on the first round, re-submit by midnight Fri 9 March. You’ll have a response from me on Sat, 10 March.
  • For full credit, your project must start by Mon 12 Mar, 2017. Projects officialy end on Mon 24 April.
  • Post weekly reports to your blog by midnight, Monday, each week. No report = no points for the week.
  • Monday 27 Mar. About three weeks into the project. Point of Abandonment. If the project isn’t going well, this is the last point to re-think it.
  • During the week of April 9 – 14, you’ll be taking studio tours of the projects of others. The assignment will be posted.
  • Last class meeting: Apr 18. We will meet face to face to compare notes and talk about preparing final presentations.
  • April 24: End of project.
  • TBA: Finals Final. Face to face students present their work.
  • 4 May 2017 Online student reports due.


Bypassing the Customizer

If you are trying to add links to develop a blogroll and aren’t seeing a way to do it, you might be on the WP Customizer page.

If you’re seeing this

But you want to see this



Then do this:

Edit the url in the address bar of your browser:

To look like

That is

Then bookmark that page to get back to it when you need to.


Blog icon, site icon …

A student asked about the blog icon I mention in the StartUpExercises:

On the checklist it said to add a blog icon, but I can’t seem to figure out what that is. What exactly should I be looking for?

I dug around and found that WP has changed the term.  It’s now called a site icon.  See this page on WordPress Support: five step blog setup.  It’s a small square icon that appears in the browser address bar.
It’s not necessary to have a site icon, but it helps visitors distinguish your blog from others in their bookmarks and elsewhere.

Welcome to Weblogs and Wikis

Caution: Plastic Child

“Caution: Plastic Child” by mcmorgan08 is licensed under CC BY-SA

It’s spring semester, and Weblogs and Wikis is back for the 15th time.  I introduced the course in 2002-3, just after Blogger was introduced, and blogs were starting to be noticed by the media. Wikis were generally unknown outside of CS circles.

(Just for some context: MySpace was founded in 2003; Facebook showed up in 2004; Twitter was introduced in 2006.  The wired telegraph was invented in 1837; radio in 1895.  Hypertext: conceptualized in the 1940s. Demoed in 1968. Proselytized in the 1970s. Internet: Developed between 1966 (NLS) and 1983 (DARPA). The web was proposed in 1989, from a system devised in 1980, although it wasn’t widely known outside of CERN. Txting was limited to 160 characters and done on a number pad.)

I’ll use this blog for announcements and as a center for your blogs and projects.  Once you have a blog set up on WP, you should Follow this blog to be notified of updates.

For this week, read the CourseStatement2018 and start the BootCamp2018 exercises. Once you have a blog set up, add a comment to this post including a link to your blog so I can add you to the list of posters.  Also, email me with the link to your blog – just in case.