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Month: March 2018

Back from Break – The Projects

Cat baiting birds with carefully placed birdseed.

“Cat baiting birds with carefully placed birdseed.” by mcmorgan08 is licensed under CC BY-SA

The projects are up and running, and should be be starting week 2 of posting.

We haven’t had a more eclectic mix in a long time, from a scholarly investigation of blog culture, to posts on the supernatural, to a wunderkammer, and an encyclopedia. They are listed below so you can stop in and see what’s going on each week.

The Projects

The Darker Side – Abbie

a blog that shares posts about supernatural topics. The purpose of the blog will be to educate and entertain the reader on these particular topics.

The Stories You Don’t Hear – Aiden

Topics that I am passionate about and using extensive research and thought, come up with unique portrayals of these subjects that are maybe not well-known to the public.

Bible Time – Andrew

I will be reading passages from the Bible and explaining them, not only for myself to understand them better, but so others can learn as well.

Observations of a Tourist – Bonnie

[investigating] two public spaces: one physical (coffee houses) and one digital (weblogs and wikis) with expectations of finding connections and overlap between the two. This project will be a series of hypertext-rich blog posts synthesizing observations, research findings, theories, photographs and commentary.

Travel Blogging – Dani

a variety of travel blogs for explicit and implicit reflections on identity as a tourist; to further my understanding on the topic, I will study the blogs within the lens of scholarly articles and outside sources.

Political Geek Zone – Joshua

a blog on politics and current events. A blog is a very simple method for creating my own publication space where I can work on my professional writing.

Tips for a Healthier Life – Kendra

to educate people on how to live a healthier life by informing them on healthy eating tips and recipes, workout tips and body-image tips. Learning easy ways to have a healthier life is important because will improve one’s life as a whole.

Mr. E’s Monsterous Monsters Wiki – Raya

a wiki encyclopedia for my son’s Monsterous art. Along with the encyclopedia, there will be a discussion of dyslexia and how the creative collaboration of wikis may be beneficial to the dyslexic brain. Weekly reports

Mein Wunderkammer – William

a different look to the interesting parts of the internet and relate academic readings to them. … sometimes informal writing is necessary for the subject at hand, and I want to re-arrange my “wunderkammer” myself.

The Obligatory Reminder

Weekly reports! Post them by Mondays midnight, please.

Gate-keeping your comments with a quiz

Not an everyday need, but worth looking at. The gate could be porous or an iron curtain – your call.

Link to

Commenters offered a variety of ideas, which included everything from comment voting to more active moderation. The staff mulled over what they could implement that would be low cost and low impact to its community, and Grut had his own eureka moment while showering before biking to the office: why not a quiz? A WordPress plugin could force users to correctly answer a few multiple-choice questions before the page’s comment field would appear. Once he got to the office, he and fellow staffers spent three hours building the plugin, which Grut reminded the crowd is wholly open source.

Open source, so free to use and modify. Thank the Norwegian people.