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Reading Blogs as Literature

25th January 2018

“25th January 2018” by themostinept is licensed under CC BY-SA

For advice on reading and posting, refer to ReadingsBlogAsDiaryAndCommonPlaceBo0k. Use the same criteria for reading and posting for this week’s foray.

The question of blogs-as-literature revolves less around the idea that a blog can be used to perform or distribute literary texts and more around the idea of reading blog posts and blogs as literary texts. The blog as a literary genre.

This is not a consideration of how to use a blog to publish literature. Instead, it’s a consideration of blogs as part of literary study. Aimeée Morrison make the case for this way of thinking in her article on blogs and blogging in  A Companion to Digital Literary Studies.


The Labyrinth Unbound: Weblogs as Literature, Himmer. PDF. “Calling a weblog “literary” does not require content that is about literature or even content that aims to be literature. It is not an attempt at categorizing one weblog and its author as more worthwhile in a canonical sense than any other. To the contrary, I propose that every weblog can be considered literary in the sense that it calls attention not only to what we read, but also to the unique way we read it. ”

The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive, Fitzpatrick. “blogs offer not simply a voyeuristic peek into someone else’s life — though, obviously, that numbers among their pleasures, too — but they also offer a form of writing that engages the reader by requiring her not simply to consume the content presented but also, in some sense, to produce that content, to complete what is present through a knowledge of what is past, an exploration of the ways that that present is situated, and a commitment to return in the future. The character of the blogger, and the narrative of the blog, thus emerges in a distinctively time-based fashion. ”

Imagining the Blogosphere: An Introduction to the Imagined Community of Instant Publishing]], Lampa. PDF.

Social Media and Literature]]. Huff Post.

Travel Blogging is a literary use that continues a literary practice of the travelogue and travel novel. Any others suit this idea? Beauty blogging? Foodie blogging? Are these literature?

Search Google and elsewhere for examples, counter-examples, positions, suggestions…

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