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How’d that bootcamp thing go, then?

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By the looks of blog posts, Bootcamp went well.  Lots of experimenting with brief posts like Dani on CC and brief and informal but linked like Grace on CC. Early blogging tends to be hit and run as bloggers learn the mechanism: Abbie uses quick lists in the tradition of the first bloggers; others use humor; quick images and fast posts that record the moment – and here; and an image of the ever-popular encounter with ennui.

But there were also some more extended consideration on copyright and fair use.  Kendra turns her search for information  into the blog post itself, which turns her blog into a useful collection that she can use again – and others can use when they bump into it. The idea of collecting and reviewing links to good content is, again, in the tradition of blogging.

Here is the link that helped me the most throughout my research. It had everything I was looking for all in one place and it was easy to understand.

How to Copyright on WordPress

This site provided me with a copyright statement that I could use at the bottom of my page, all I had to do was copy and paste it into my text widget and customize my name and the name of my site. It was easy and effective! This site also gave me information on how to protect myself from content theft on all aspects of my blog site, which was also informative.

Bonnie takes a similar strategy: fashioning a narrative of the search for CC aid IP information – and adding a fast post that continues her review of CC later.  William takes on speculation about fair use of the CC logo itself.

Some substantive reflections: Raya goes expository in her Reflections.  Andrew works with a list – as did Abbie, with a list and reflection.

What to make of this?  Everybody engages in collecting, common placing, using the blog, at least at first, as a cabinet of curiosity – which leads us to the reading and posting for this week.

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