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Welcome to Weblogs and Wikis

Caution: Plastic Child

“Caution: Plastic Child” by mcmorgan08 is licensed under CC BY-SA

It’s spring semester, and Weblogs and Wikis is back for the 15th time.  I introduced the course in 2002-3, just after Blogger was introduced, and blogs were starting to be noticed by the media. Wikis were generally unknown outside of CS circles.

(Just for some context: MySpace was founded in 2003; Facebook showed up in 2004; Twitter was introduced in 2006.  The wired telegraph was invented in 1837; radio in 1895.  Hypertext: conceptualized in the 1940s. Demoed in 1968. Proselytized in the 1970s. Internet: Developed between 1966 (NLS) and 1983 (DARPA). The web was proposed in 1989, from a system devised in 1980, although it wasn’t widely known outside of CERN. Txting was limited to 160 characters and done on a number pad.)

I’ll use this blog for announcements and as a center for your blogs and projects.  Once you have a blog set up on WP, you should Follow this blog to be notified of updates.

For this week, read the CourseStatement2018 and start the BootCamp2018 exercises. Once you have a blog set up, add a comment to this post including a link to your blog so I can add you to the list of posters.  Also, email me with the link to your blog – just in case.


  1. Hello Professor Morgan,

    I’m excited to learn as much as I can about blogging and social media in this class. This is great to have as experience for my major.


    Andrew Hanson

  2. Bonnie Roinbinson Bonnie Roinbinson

    I too, am very excited to be in this class. I’ve learned so much already! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been a student, and I can tell it is going to be very good for me. You already have my blog address, and I see it’s been added to the list. I look forward to working with everyone in the class! Hi All! 🙂

  3. mcmorgan mcmorgan

    About commenting: There may be a delay between when you add a comment to this post and when it appears. I have the comments on this blog set to require approval to the first comment you submit to the blog. Once you have been approved as a commenter, your subsequent comments will appear as soon as you post them.

    First-approval lets you controlling spam and other obnoxious comments.

    The setting is under Settings > Discussion.

    • m
  4. Bonnie Roinbinson Bonnie Roinbinson

    Question: I see that we are supposed to post daily on our blogs from Jan. 14-16. Are we expected to post daily all semester, or is this just to give us more practice during this bootcamp phase? I don’t want to miss any assignments – or points. 🙂

  5. morgan morgan

    Bonnie et al

    We start posting daily for the first week, then taper off. Getting the hang of things early in the semester really helps as the class progresses.

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