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Daybook Disconnect

It happens to a lot of blogs. Mike Caulfield posts about it. A problem with a server or possible hack. Fixing it in this case ended up in losing track of the database. I had to reinstall WP and can’t get the new install to talk to the old database.

But I don’t see this as a problem. Stuff isn’t lost. It’s just not connected right now. It may be. Later. It’s in a trunk somewhere in an attic / basement / garage / lockup / underneath the stairs. A data horde. Bring in a detectorist.

The old install of WordPress (2005?) had a lot of cruft tangling it up, so it’s nice to see the old code gone.

And gone is the old paratext junk, too. Poor categories and tags. Trials with plugins. Bad back end decisions that need a ripping out of old structure to rebuild. Choices made naively. Bad ideas gone bust from the first. Pied type cases. Flotsam. Jetsam. Ruins shored against. Centers not holding.

Not that a restart means any further success. It just feels a little better.

So hello Daybook.

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