Writing the Wiki 2015

For this year's work, I'm borrowing from the Teaching Machines Happening , especially the method designed by Mike Caulfield at Assignments

A good way of thinking about what we're doing in this project is to see it as a GreatBigNoteTakingAdventure. We'll take this over a couple of weeks, starting with a first pass at some notes, then moving towards IdeaMining and perhaps SynthesisAndCritique.

Set up

Keep track of your work. On your WikiHome page, add two headings:

Pages I Created
Pages I Contributed To

Add the pages that you created and contributed to, along with some notes about those pages.

The general topic is writing on a wiki. That slides into a lot of areas.

Before you begin, you should have read and worked with the readings and wikis on
And should be familaiar with these pages.
You should also know how to edit on this wiki. A glance at your WikiName page should demonstrate that you know

The GettingStarted page covers these practices.

Week of 24 Feb


The point of Sentences About is to gather and consolidate some common background. The exercise helps you become familiar with this wiki and the community that has contributed to so far. We'll start with some basics. The notes you gather for these topics will be use in developing higher order drafts later. But consider them notes. You and others will be returning to them later.

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