Writing in ThreadMode Exercise

This exercise offers you practice in writing in ThreadMode and creating new topics (using wiki words) as a way to developing the wiki further. It opens into the WritingTheWikiProject, as we're trying to define issues, concepts, and points about writing on wikis and blogs that this class will be developing further over the semester.

Part 1: Stringing a thread

You may also draw on
Then, go to our page titled WideOpenSpaces and compose a response - in ThreadMode - to a topic, issue, or point in any of the readings. You're looking for a place in what Lamb (Mejias, Delacour) has written where you can elaborate, annotate, develop, provide variation on, counterpose, argue with, run against...topics and issues that the article brings up. All three of these articles are about insights and voices: add yours.

If other responses are present on the page when you arrive, place yours where it seems appropriate. If you are also responding to another's response, try to set yours off by indenting or setting it in italics. Refer to the StyleGuide for more advice. You can also respond to the related page WikiAsCulture.

Only one person can edit the page at a time. Let's hope you don't bump in to one another.

Do this in return visits: one today, one or two tomorrow and the next day, one or two later during the weekend, and a final check on Monday, 10 minutes before class. Start with a comment, return later to see what's changed, and add more. ThreadMode exchanges are not instantaneous so much as slow and considered, like SlowDiscussion.

Go for about 500 - 750 words or so, totaled over the weekend. Sign each entry you make with your WikiName.

Part 2: Creating new topics and moving to DocumentMode

Go back to and review the ThreadMode on WideOpenSpaces. Refer to guidelines for editing ThreadMode and RefactoringPages.

Three options
For Wednesday, contribute 500 - 1000 words or so on 2 - 3 - 4 of the new topics. Keep a list of where you worked on your WikiName page. Your contributions can be short or long, in DocumentMode or ThreadMode or both.


See also Try searching any of these wikis for key words to see what knowledge is developing in their communities.

Earlier version of this assignment gathered at TheWikiWayChap10.

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