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Bang two or more words together using InterMedialCapitalization (CamelCase) to create a WikiWord. The WikiWord is the name of a topic, which is also a page, with a link - and topical writing is what wikis are all about because, unlike weblogs and Twitter and WordProcessors et al, WikiSupportsTopicalWriting.

Constructing WikiWord s

Because a WikiWord is also a topic, some care can be taken in creating them. The WikiWord will be used in sentences and in a variety of contexts, so phrasing matters. To simply say that SomeoneIsACompleteAss would be hard to work into a structured academic sentence, however, if you were to start with SomeonesName from there is where you can branch out and create other wikis about said person or topic. The context a page starts out with is a web link and has endless possibilities; you just need to start it off. The WikiWord then becomes, over time, a CommonPlace of the wiki: a label for a space of knowledge.

So see

CategoryWikiHandbook CategoryWritingTheWiki

WikiWord is also an important part of keeping topics from overlapping. If TopicB is somewhat related to TopicA, it is often more helpful to link to TopicB and give it its own page, rather than to have a sub-section on TopicA's page about TopicB. In addition to keeping TopicA's page clean and concise, TopicB's page could contain a link to TopicC, and so on


WikiWord makes life on the Wiki generally much easier. Instead of going through the bowels/CMS of the site to make a new page, you just type it in and the opportunity to start a new page is there. The downside of the Wiki word is that there are some words (usually proper nouns/names of things) that we may use that are already formed like Wiki words. Say you're writing about hockey and you want to write about Phil Kessel and James VanRiemsdyk--there will be a VanRiemsdyk page made automatically (even if you don't want there to be), but there won't be one for Kessel unless you combine his first and last names. In Weblogs and Wikis, this could happen frequently with WordPress. It is not require to create the page, but the link will still be there and can throw the reader off a little bit.

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