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This topic title has a gender bent to it. The term wallflower is gendered female and therefore stands as timid. Even the image suggests this. Could be cloned to a new page with a less gendered title and refactored - like WikiNewComers
I've changed the picture ~Melinda

New comers to wikis can be shy. They say, "I'm hesitant to refactor. I can thread all day long, but I think I need to have more experience before I'm ready to refactor." Some aspects that make us apprehensive:
You don't have to be social. you can work in the background, without saying an overt word. gnoming. refactoring. refactoring so others can refactor even more. WikiQuietly. Anon.
I blame the schools. Let's unlearn this one. Anon
Probably. But maybe they are waiting for something to work with, respond to. So give them something to respond to. Anon
No, it won't. Others will see to that, and we're all one of the others. Just delete the flame or roll back the page. C2 has a discussion on CriticizeBluntly as just one critical style. Anon

The payoffs
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