WikiTerms: A Glossary


Aggregate - gather materials together; read, view, play with, and organize the information
Annotate - do something to the materials such as comment, post about them, discuss, or create a visual diagram/presentation to open up the ideas


BarnRaising - an event in which a community comes together to do large collaborative work on a wiki.
BeeHive - the theory that if a wiki does have leadership it is similar to the way the queen bee leads a hive, through fostering fledglings and vague suggestion.
Blog - n. short form of "weblog," a site or portion of a site made up of entries in reverse-chronological order. v. to add an entry to a blog.
Blogger - a popular website that hosts free blogs.
BullShit - words that exist merely to occupy space.


CamelCase - writing that uses initial capitals rather than spaces to differentiate between words, generally used to create and title pages. see: IntermedialCaps, WikiWords
CategoryMode -
CollaborateRadically -
CollectiveCreativity - a community's group ability to generate content
ContestedContent -
Creative Commons -
CreativeWriting -


Dashboard - a user interface that organizes and presents info in a way that is easy to read - a control panel or main editing interface on a weblog.
DialecticMode -
DialogueMode - see: ThreadMode
DocumentMode -
Dooced -



FAQMode -
Feed Forward -
FootNotes -
FormalStructures -



HardSecurity -
Hash Tags - use of # symbols in Twitter to mark topics for easy searching
HTML - short for "Hypertext Mark-up Language"


Information Commons -
IntentionalBlogging - blogging with a specific purpose in mind, and leaving out all the excess fluff
IntermedialCaps - writing that uses initial capitals rather than spaces to differentiate between words, generally used to create and title pages. see: CamelCase, WikiWords


JournalisticBlogging -


KickStarting - getting re-started after bogging down on a repurposing / project / paper / activity / reading.


ListMode -


MashUps -
MicroBlogging - short blog posts intended to get the message out quickly and concisely.
MobileBlogging - blogging done away from a desk; blogging done on the go via smartphone, laptop or netbook



OpenSource -
OrphanedPages - pages that have been created but have little or no content.
OffTheCuffBlogging - blogging about whatever comes to mind, not thinking of a purpose


Paratexts -
PatternedLinking -
Permalink - a permanent address for an individual blog entry
Personal learning environment -
Podcast - a series of digital media files released periodically
Produsage - Portmanteau of "production" and "usage;" the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement.
Produser - Portmanteau of "productive user;" member of a networked population who is a user and a potential producer of content.



Refactoring - the process by which thread mode dialogue becomes document mode monologue, and MorganAdmin says is "something like revising, and something like reorganizing, and something like clearing away the tea table for another course."
Remix -
Repurposing -
RSS Feed -


SandBox -
Security -
Sidebar -
SocialMedia -
SocialSoftware -
SocialText -
SoftSecurity -
Spam -
Stub Lists -


Tags - a list of key words, names, or phrases used to aid in searchability
Template -
TheCollective -
ThreadMode - an informal, multi-user collaberation, part notebook, part discussion forum, and part rough draft
TopicalWriting -
Twitter - a social media site specializing in MicroBlogging; a MicroBlogging site where posts are kept under 140 characters


User-Led Content Production - creation of useable content by members of a networked community. See also: Produsage


Veil of the Screen -
Versioning -


Web 2.0 -
Widgets -
Wiki -
WikiMagic -
WikiName - a user's identity.
WikiWords - writing that uses initial capitals rather than spaces to differentiate between words, generally used to create and title pages. see: CamelCase, IntermedialCaps




Going for a Lexicon of sorts. Some words I've pulled from the PageIndex, some from the Index of The Complete Guide to Wikis. Try to keep it in alphabetical order and let's work on getting definitions for all of these. Also, as you've noticed they don't all need to have a wiki page here. Let's add words, and of course stick something in even if you can't define it. Someone else can.

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