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So, now that you have found your way here, (sorry if it got confusing. Please let me know if it did so i can fix it!!) you can now read my reflection of Week 7: The Introduction of Wikis. So as you have probably read I started wikis this week. I am loving wikis and hating them at the same time. I really enjoy the customizationthat is available to do if you can understand it. If you clicked on the link you can see that I colored and formatted my own profile page on this wiki, and yes, it took me a while to figure it out. But I got it!!

The first thing we were to do this week, before we even got into wikis, was to publish a new style of posts. This style was to link 4 blog posts that we found to be good and summarize into one sentence or phrase what that post was about. I actually really liked this style the more I looked through everyone's posts. By doing this, you not only showed what you thought about others' posts, but you got to see what kind of post you published; this style was a really neat concept.

Then came the mystery day of Wednesday. Today we got our next assignment for the week: Wikis. We worked a little bit in class, and I cannot tell you how I did each of the steps. HTML lingo is like another language, which is why I am happy MorganAdmin added FormattingRules or I would be lost. Below the double line is code for the comment area, double clicking edits, five = signs is a certain type of header, linking is blah blah blah. That is a lot to take in on top of other learnings, so that is part of why I wanted to write my weekly review in here, practice, because it makes perfect.

For part of our assignment of the week we were to read some wiki chapters and reflect/summarize/ comment on the pages. I wrote a summary for WikiWebCollaborationChap1. And boy was I happy that I did that, this chapter gave me the basics for wikis. As part of the roles that people play with wikis are the revisers, and again I am happy they are there for the naive people like me because I posted in the wrong part of the page. #WikiProblems. And I think I just linked a wiki page or created a link to page that doesn't exist. #Wik
wah, not going to happen again. I also started the ball rolling on SecretMediaRevolution . Here I just threw a thought out about what I think. Any thoughts readers? The final thing I did was comment on JackTuthill 's post in TheWikiWayChap10, giving again, my thought on what he saw.

The last thing that I want to mention is the whole history page that each page has. This concept is really cool, it makes following a wiki so much easier because the font and the format are so similar that it all looks the same.

As for this week, more wikis and more searching. Go!

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