WikiCommunities are built on and seek to maintain trust.

An online community might have a commons, a sort of town square. Everyone would post

* News and Updates regarding the community wiki
* Commentary/quotes on current discussions between members
* Community story-telling -- posts about the community’s history
*Anecdotes and observations about the community
* Welcome to new members
* Commentary on external and related news and links

WikiCommunities are built on and seek to maintain trust and rid itself of IntellectualDishonesty. People will throw things out just to have written words on a page without facts to back them up. Linking to every bit of information builds TrustInTheCommunity. A wiki maintained for phooiness and unsubstantiated drivel will be not become a site of distinction or integrity.

I just don't want to become a part of any of the WikiCommunities. I kind of would like to know who these people are as well as the WikiMasters. It would be like moving into a new neighborhood and wanting to meet people. I want to know if I'm going to be happy or sad. If I'm not going to be comfortable working with the people in one of the WikiCommunities, I'm going to move on. BillProznik

A community relies on trust and respect. These qualities are easy to find in communities where all of the members recognize and know each other. They are much harder to find among people who are interacting mostly as strangers.

WikiCommunities build goodwill amongst its users and simplify the infomation network.BillProznik

WikiCommunities are useful.

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