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Blogs and wikis, because they are different spaces, manifest - take advantage of - engage - afford different epistemic and rhetorical possibilities and serve different rhetorical and epistemic ends. **They engage different rhetorics. The wiki is topical, carved from the inside out; the weblog is chronological, staying on top of things**.

=== weblogs ===
- personal, less collaborative than wikis. a posting is owned by poster
- chronological - but essays are possible
- narrative. a weblog defines a story.
- text is considered to be static: once posted, the posting doesn't change (not true, of course, but expected)
- tends towards scrolls (Bernstein)
- a weblog captures a ThreadMode of self, that is
- monological: typically a monologue with audience commentary
- paratactic
- temporal: last in first out
- captures change in thinking, self, and ideas over time.
- prose tends to be speech-like: spontaneous, immediate, non-revisable and ++as++ more permanent than memory
- generally light on internal cross-linking. Blogs are dominantly sequential //but//
- research blogs and others can create extensive hypertextual webs //but//
- creating internal links is painful and secondary to the text
- links on weblogs are used to connect outside the blog as source or for further development.
- knowledge accumulates at the top
- knowledge is contextualized: situated
- immediate: written in the moment, written of the moment, and considered authentic for it.
- good at presenting ongoing data and encouraging Socratic-style dialogue about it <>

=== wikis ===
- can be personal but typically open to collaboration. a node or topic is considered a public space
- a-synchronic
- essayistic, but narratives are possible
- the aim is creation of documents (individual pages as well as the entire wikiweb)
- tends towards expressing ideas as relationships between pages (Bernstein), creating a NetworkOfTopics
- hypotactic
- hypertextual (see WhatIsAHypertext)
- ThreadMode (dialogical) becomes DocumentMode (monological) becomes ...
- paradigmatic: topical: topoi WikiSupportsTopicalWriting
- a-termporal: nodes change not by time but by way of development
- prose tends to ++be++ develop into considered, revised, and as permanent as print
- captures (and then moves to the page history) the processes of writing
- doesn't capture the//changes// in thoughts or ideas, but leaves artifacts of those changes in page histories
- encourages cross-linking: dominantly structural, a-temporal
- hypertext linking central to text creation.
- knowledge becomes webbed: situated, contextualized //but//
- knowledge is ephemeral: it changes, can be changed
- mediated: written in the topic, of the topic
- good at sifting and synthesizing knowledge from data [in] an ongoing and collaborative process, undertaken by many people, contributing to and editing the data flow in an attempt to derive meaning from it. <>

What happens when we try to fuse the two forms? See WhenBlogMeetsWiki

See BlogVsWiki

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