Wide Open Spaces

WideOpenSpaces comes from the Educause article by Brian Lamb, Wide Open Spaces: Wikis Ready or Not. It refers to the the (apparent) potential boundlessness of the Internet, and to Tim Berners-Lee's original vision of the Web as a writing space where readers become authors and are invited to edit pages as they browsed. Wiki software provides that potential.

On this wiki, WideOpenSpaces is looking for significance. We too see the potential of wikis. We see the play in the topic of WideOpenSpaces on Bolter's idea of WritingSpaces, which creates a potential that can be fulfilled by WritingCollaboratively (or WritingCollectively).

We see that new technologies of writing challenge our current ways of working, thinking, and valuing what we do and produce. We've seen the orientation video.

But we're not sure what to think yet, or what comes next. So we write.

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The term WikiAlity i.e. truth by concensus, discussed a few posts before this, would be a generic term for all reality. Truth is whatever the greatest number of people believe it to be. Perception has always altered reality; due the fact that reality is perception... Wikis are a workable extension of this. Sure any Dipstick with an opinion can add or subtract his/ or her two cents. That factor is free speech, a beautiful concept. This is the first step to a rudimentary hive mind. Funny something that bees have been doing for Millennia, we have entered into through high technology. An internet group mind. The free exchange of ideas over a stage as large as the world. Anywhere a person can get a modem signal. Sure this may be all a tad more cyberpunk than this topic needs. Truth? I know this is Romanticizing it to the Nth degree, but Idealism is something this planet could use more of.
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