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======The Versatility of Blogs======
Bear in mind, however, that just because you can blog about virtually anything doesn't necessarily mean you should -- nor should you do so at length; many would be bored by Hungover Owls if an essay accompanied each image. A good rule of thumb is to remember that anything you create on the Internet has the ability to be read by anyone. Put yourself in your readers' perspective: "Why would **I** want to read this?" If the answer is "I don't know", you may need to rework your approach.
=====Possible Methods=====
Though this isn't meant to document every possible use for blogging software, these all fall under the banner of "Aggregate, annotate, remix/repurpose, feed forward." If you're interested in any of the following concepts, use it as a jumping-off point.
- First and most obvious: An online journal. Look back and write about whatever has struck you as interesting or important in the last few days.
- General-interest news and information on any given topic, gathered or solicited from outside sources (citing where necessary, of course).
- A chronicle of the development of a personal project or hobby.
- A lens used for viewing the results of a personal project or hobby. ("I painted this yesterday.")
- A PR or news outlet for a specific company. (You'll be respected better if you have a connection to the company being blogged about.)
- A method for telling a story. (Blogs are often written in-character, so viewers can keep up with a story as it "happens".)
- As middleware for any other concept that would be assisted by regular updates. ([[ ComicPress]] is a WordPress extension used for online comics, as an example.)

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