Week 12: Crowdsourcing: Will Work For Food

Work is social, but even more to the point, crowdsourcing uses social media tools to get work done. And, as typical with work, somebody gains. Perhaps everybody gains. We'll take a look.

The more you submit, the more you're likely to have materials added.

Crowdsourcing on The Exchange

Required Activitiy

Everyone reads and refers to Crowdsourcing on Wikipedia

You will crowdsource the weekly reading and the activities on crowdsourcing for the next set of students. Following what I've done for the past 11 weeks, we need

But if the crowd finds a better way, they can provide alternatives.

There are five discussions on The Exchange. Post your entries to the appropriate thread.
Between Tue, 5 April and and Mon, 11 April post your options to The Crowdsourcing discussion on The Exchange. You may work in groups or as individuals.

If you haven't signed up on The Exchange yet, go ahead and do so. Your email address becomes your sign in name.

From the inputs, I will choose the best of them - or we'll crowdsource that decision.

There will be a prize, maybe more than one.


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