Week 13: Forever Mobile and Pervasively Social

Mobile Social Networking

This is our last set of activities for this class, so as a way of moving on, we'll move back into the physical analog world - and into the world of cell phones and mobile computing.

Here are Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati on pervasive information architecture - a developing field of design study that looks at how we integrate on-line and off-line activities:
Our day-to-day activities are changing. They are becoming cross-channel experiences that require us not only to move from medium to medium, from device to device, but across domains: something that starts digital, such as an e-mail telling us that a product we were waiting for is now on sale, ends up being physical, with us picking it up at the retail store. Or it could be the reverse, with something being shipped or sent to our address, even an electronic address, after a visit to an office. Pervasive IA, chap 3

Even casual observation suggests that our social interactions are cross-channel, encouraging and even requiring us to move between analog and digital domains. Crossing domains isn't new; social media users have been crossing domains since the first email (google it). People meet on Facebook / Twitter / Blogger / Second Life, get to talking, and talking leads to meeting up IRL. Nothing new, either in maneuvering between and maintaining the analog and the digital social domains. Students start real-world classes by updating their status on FB or Twitter. And txting to plan and meet up with friends has been common for years.

But more recently, software and systems developers have been orchestrating the movement by designing for cell phones and other small computers. QR codes and near-field communication are being used to digitally annotate the physical world. Mobile computing makes cross-channel experience more pervasive, more ubiquitous, more ordinary - and ripe for monetization.

I'd like us to trace aspects of where mobile digital social media ties in with, meets, or crosses channels with analog social experience.

Required Activity

You can choose one of the topics below to work with. Your job will be to report on the topic next Tuesday, using examples, sources, and your own take. For any of the topics, locate, aggregate and annotate articles, videos that exemplify, your own experiences, those you know about ... and then present what you have in such a way as to enlighten us on how pervasive or mobile computing seems to be influencing our actions in the physical realm. Blog post, wiki post, prezi, FB update,

Crossing social domains using txting / Twitter / IM

Txting and Twitter tend to be mobile, and FB static, but FB developers moving that direction, and you may know people who are using FB on their smart phone to manage their real-world social life. Search for any of the following terms, and focus your consideration on one or two of these:

Look at mobile social apps

These are the ones I have heard about recently.

QR codes and NFC

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