Creative Writers, Creative Bloggers:

Who, what, and why?

Blogging and authors seems very much to be a match made in heaven--word lovers love to spread their words, and there is almost no better means to spread like the plague than in the blogging community. But blogging is a very public venue, and by public, we mean largely free. Therein lies the rub. Why do writers give away words that could be earning their bread and butter?

First, there are two sort of main reasons that writers blog: to allow readers to MeetTheWriterAsAPerson and to allow them to MeetTheWriterAsAWriter. No matter what the reason an author chooses to blog, it is essentially a means to an audience-drawing end. The use of a blog, whether for promotional purposes or to personalize the writer as to allow readers to get a sense of their non-writerly happenings, is up to the author, but a blend of the two seems to be the most common.

Occationally however, Writers may use blogs for GroupBlogs to compile work.

Of course, what's our own news like without linking to what other people may have to say on the subject?
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