Weblogs and Wikis Week One 2011

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We'll spend the first two weeks getting organized and establishing personal learning networks.

Your part is to register with some social services and with our weblog, The Daybook; to do some reading and some viewing of videos; and to start responding to those materials on your own weblog, tagging them en3177 so they can be found by others; and start to locate and link up with others (in this class and out) who share your interests. My part is to seed the resources, help you get registered on the Daybook, and to set up aggregators that will locate your tagged materials and post them to the Daybook.

Expect to get set up with a blog, bookmarking, and tagging on your own. When in doubt, read up using a search on Google, check The Daybook, and Twitter.

In class

Set Up Activities

Required Activities

As you work through getting set up, be annotating, remixing, repurposing, and sharing what you're doing. Post on your blog your accounts of your work: others can learn from them. Post to Twitter when you make a new blog post. Read posts on The Daybook, follow the links, and comment on the posts of others to trade ideas and information.

Suggested Activities

Make a video showing how to sign up with Twitter or a social bookmarking site and let everyone know it's there. (Or locate a good, helpful vid on the same and share it on Twitter.) Write a tutorial on choosing a good weblog title. In a blog post, audio post, or video post, reflect on what it means for you, right now, to try to get things linked up. Create a diagram or map of how the interrelated parts of your developing network are connected using drawing software or pen and paper and scanning it. (see Bookmarking topology c Dec 2010 #PLENK2010


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