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Short but often
When in doubt, go for short but often. Shorter postings more often - daily - move projects along more quickly than longer postings less often. Both blogging and wiki writing are about spontaneity in writing and commitment to writing. Use the wiki like a notebook and update it every day, even if it's just a note, an idea for a plan, or a sentence. Post to the blog every day, even if it's just a brief observation. It doesn't have to mean much right away. Write every day and it will come to mean. And once you start an update or a posting, you'll often find that you have more to say. MorganMC

As a stagnated blog--one with unnecessarily repetitious content and format--does not draw repeat readers (after all, why would they need to return) it helps to vary a blog by varying the act of blogging: early, afternoon, late-late-late, hungry, tired, wired, etc. Too, length, depth, and breadth changes also help maintain interest--yours and theirs. AudreyL'Amie

I try to make the titles of my posts work harder than the rest of the words I write. I want them to leave the reader wondering what is in that post. For example; Parallelagram leaves the reader thinking that this post will be about math. The reader who is familiar with my work will know that I am not predisposed to write about anything scientific or mathematical, thereby piquing their interest. ~ Tammi Hartung

Do or Do Not, There is No Try
If you're deciding what to blog on, you may be taking way too long to do it. Just sit down, and blog something...ANYTHING. Let the crazy flow and in return get a blog entry. Or whatever.

Oh yeah, some other unrequested advice-look two ways before crossing the street. Sean Froyd

Wiki Proposals
If you are beginning a wiki project, plan in great detail, as though nothing in the proposal can be altered later. Before you begin to draw up the proposal, make a list of every step you can foresee and how much time each might entail--then add more time under misc. Plan like you are the only person that knows nuclear war will occur in a month's time. AudreyL'Amie
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