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Since a large part of both this class and this Wiki are designed around the concept of social networking, I thought I would set out to discuss some of the differences between two of the most popular social networking sites: Twitter and Facebook and possibly discuss what the attraction is for one over the other. Among the content of this wiki and the discussions in class, there has been a lot that has to do with twitter, but there has been hardly anything to do with the subject of Facebook. This is rather puzzling since Facebook is generally more popular in current culture.

In a way, both sites seem relatively similar: they are both at least partially structured around the concept of sharing personal thoughts or information with other people who also have an account on the site through status updates. Although I am not completely familiar with twitter, this seems to be one of two main purposes of the site. The other one being to follow other people's statuses. Facebook, on the other hand, also allows the user to do status updates, but it also allows users to comment on other people's statuses as well as comment on pictures and picture albums, make notes, as well as a few other options. Facebook, therefore, seems to allow for more interaction among users than twitter does.

Status UpdatesYesYes
Can comment on/reply to updatesYesYes
Direct MessagesYesYes
Share PhotosYesYes
Tag PhotosNoYes
Add FriendsYesYes
Share Web LinksYesYes
Upload VideoNoYes
Create EventsNoYes
Create GroupsNoYes
Arrange Feed by TimeYesYes
Arrange Feed by RelevanceNoYes
Do all my friends use it?NoYes
Is Grandma Using It?NoYes
Are Aliens Using It?ProbablyAbsolutely
Search Users by NameYesYes
Search Users by LocationNoYes
Search Posts by KeywordYesNo
Filter search by proximityYesNo
Search for updates with linksYesNo
Displays posting trendsYesNo

^That chart took forever and I had to do the Facebook portion by memory. Please edit for accuracy.

^^From what I've seen, you can't search individual posts on Facebook at all, just profiles and public groups and such, so I put no in the table. If I'm completely off the mark, change it for me.

A friend told me she wants to ween herself off of Facebook because of the amount of time she feels she invests in her profile. She also mentioned spending serious amounts of time untagging unflattering (read intoxicated) photos of herself that appear so often as to make her look like a lush. She also wants to spend less time interacting with certain friends who she can't just remove because she fears the repercussions. However, she wants to stay in touch with distant friends.

A few phenomena I'd like to discus: Our society has degraded so much that that's basically the only thing people do socially anyways. Our society has degraded so much that those are the only kinds of relationships people can afford to keep. Our society has degraded so much that this is what we consider worthwhile nowadays.

May as well get the discussion started by being as pessimistic as possible.

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