or Twitter as Literature

Sometimes spontaneous, sometimes considered and crafted.

Rhetorical and poetic figures and techniques tell us how to make tweets concise, memorable. Start Here: or here:

The short from

short form writing in print and elewhere
aphorism - traditional or contemporary
advertising slogans
t-shirt slogan
bumper stickers
greeting cards
tag lines
short poems
email subject lines
fortune cookies
bullet points

Borrow and adapt from these short forms.

Consider how writes and designers compact meaning into 140 characters or less: techniques

rhetorical figures exercise

An exercise. Send at least one tweet using each of the forms or techniques below. For this exercise, you can let the form suggest the content. Take your time. Draft the tweet a few times until it's well-crafted. Give yourself a point for each.
rhythm - pauses, punctuation
repetition -
assonance, alliteration, anaphora (repetition of same word at beginning of clauses)
asyndeton: lack of conjunctions between coordinate phrases, clauses, or words.
catachresis -an odd or hard metaphor - a thirsty ear
overstatement - understatement
prolepsis: in which a future event is presumed to have occured
ratios : analogies
a : b :: x : y
the apparition of these faces in a crowd : petals on a wet black bough
ellipsis - omission of words ... but can also be talking around the point but letting others fill it in
encomium - speech of praise
parataxis - arrangement by coordination
isocolon - succession of phrases of equal length and structure
antithesis - best of times, worst of times
chiasmus - isocolon but with parts reversed
paradox -
parody - Try bending a well-known short form slogan. Reader needs to recall the source.
meiosos - belittle with a degrading epithet -
metonymy -


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