Tribal Attitude

It seems that since a tribe can also be described as a community that this makes sense. It makes sense because the wiki is a constantly changing thing able to be modified by anyone as they see fit. In a tribe or community if one person drops the ball, say the farmer or food producer/gatherer, the whole tribe will likely go hungry that night. The tribal attitude towards a wiki project is there because of how it takes multiple members of the tribe to keep it running smoothly. There is usually a moderator and then contributors. In a tribe there is a leader and then the people that are being led. Everyone has specific tasks to do like getting water, tending the livestock, gathering food, making weapons, watching and teaching the younger members, and so on. If there was just one person in the tribe it couldn't be counted as a tribe just like a wiki needs more than one person contributing otherwise it turns into a blog of sorts with the same opinions and style of writing. They also help each other out when needed.

The concept of a tribe being led by a single person is probably very simplified, and not overly accurate. Many people refer to your tribe as those that love and care for you and your own. Beth Berry reminds us that tribes not only harken back to a hand produced time, but that the relieve us of the burden of doing everything ourselves, in the case of wiki communities, that means we do not have to do all the thinking, writing, producing and editing ourselves, in effect producing a tribal effect for shared goodness.
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