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Considering a final project

1) Be a sociologist for the week. Use you blog or wiki as a field notebook. Visit some user-led content creation environments to find examples of produsage going on and observe and record what happens, how people are interacting. Cruise some produsage sites for a couple of days: YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Picassa, Facebook, Quora, Ning, or a site of your choice, your interest, looking for how produsage plays out. Watch for instances of the characteristics of produsage Bruns specifies, record them, comment on them:
* open participation, communal evaluation
* fluid heterarchy, ad hoc meritocracy
* unfinished artifacts, continuing process
* common property, individual rewards

Post your observations to your blog or wiki as you make them.


This website features user created addons for a video game. On each page of the addon people can comment and make suggestions to the person that is maintaining the actual upkeep of the code.
Users can also upload their own versions of addons and addon packs for people to use and alter to how they see fit.
Maybe not true produsage since only one person works on the official code for the addon.
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