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For limits of ThreadMode, see Wiki:ThreadModeConsideredHarmful. The concerns on this page are readily answered by rhetoric.>>=====ThreadMode=====

ThreadMode contributions are phrased in first-person and are signed. The writer can place the entry near the material it addresses rather than simply placing it at the end of the exchange with the use of a WikiWord.
- A WikiWord is any words, two or more, that are simply pressed together to form a link. The first letter of each word must be Capitalized and there must be no space between the words.

Think of ThreadMode like a classic internet forum board. Someone can create a post, or in this case an entire page, and then others can reply to it. Unlike a forum board however, in ThreadMode anyone can edit the original post.

Rather than replying to a discussion entry, the writer can refactor the page to incorporate the suggested change, then delete the comment. ThreadMode slips delicately into DocumentMode.

ThreadMode might start in DocumentMode. After starting a DocumentMode page, others may choose to reply to the document rather than revise, add, or edit it silently. Those additions start threads of discussion that continue until someone is able to / willing to refactor the page. Once refactored into DocumentMode, the process begins again.

ThreadMode is a dialogue. It is open, collective, dynamic, and informal. It can develop as a page or develop on a page but it develops organically, without predictive structure.

ThreadMode teaches us that Knowledge isn't solitary.

ThreadMode is not off-the-cuff, sermonic, or preachy. ThreadMode is public thinking: designed, considered, and polite. Even ThreadMode presents a position, a way of understanding, clearly and persuasively. It's not a SoapBox so much as a SandboxOfIdeas.

ThreadMode is tentative rather than absolute; opinionated but not seeking closure; exploratory and so seeking light rather than winning ground. ThreadMode writing is grounded in specifics to make sense of abstractions. It's end is to help others understand and create, not to win. It's an attitude.

=== Contributing to ThreadMode ===
Here are some ways of contributing in ThreadMode:
- Add a comment furthering the conversation.
- Edit older comments to improve the flow, or to re-open a discussion that has become closed. It's ok to trim ThreadMode redundancies to open the discussion. But be respectful to maintain meaning.
- Edit ThreadMode entries to create WikiWords, either OpenEndedWikiWords, or linked.
- Split conversations by moving them to a new page. Develop each further.
- Create a variant of the entry.
- Capture the ideas of the thread in a paragraph that suggests a pattern for the DocumentMode
- ...

Take care in any changes to maintain the original meaning of the ThreadMode entry.
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