The Wiki Way is a book by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham, laying out how to install and work with collaborative editing systems. It's on Amazon. For wiki designers, it's worth a read. We have a separate page TheWikiWayChap10.

This wiki page address the perspectives writers and readers might take towards wiki-style writing and communication. Our starting points are

TheWikiWay can be characterized by
TheWikiWay is the reader's engagement with the product - the thing, the wiki - and the project - the way the wiki is created of communally composed words and links. It's how the wiki can foster and house multiple purposes and cross-purposes. It's how the wiki is like Odysseus's ship: how a new plank can be added every day and yet the ship retains its identity.

It's engagement with how the wiki fosters invention, arrangement, and style by means of its delivery. It's a paradox of literacy. Socrates might be ok with a wiki because it can respond to questions.

Ted Nelson wrote about the moment when users of his Xanadu hypertext system would just "get it.": sense the implications of the system or the wiki right down to the ground. That getting it is part of TheWikiWay. [need Ted Nelson quote and link]

The wiki way in action

TheWikiWay does not have to be grandiose. It can be mundane, part of the everyday. Take this article on using a wiki for note taking. Nothing earth shaking here, but LifeHacker get TheWikiWay.

We could use more examples here -

What's a Wiki?
by Sebastian Rupley

Rupley, a contributor for, wrote a nifty, tight, little article on the rise of wikis and how they function last May. He makes mention of TheWikiWay, co-written by Ward Cunningham. Below are some key points that I found noteworthy.

*Most Wiki's are subject to GNU General Public License which prevents a program from being claimed as private property for commercial uses under copyright laws.

JackTuthill and SarahDahlheimer


What is TheWikiWay? Who came out and said that we are to be working with wikis this way, why should we have to go with what they want, after all this is a free software platform that anyone can use. Why should we have to be forced to their rules. People conform to others' rules, but why should we be internally forced to follow them, why can't we work with the format and the content the way we want to.

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