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A place to ask questions and give answers about writing on this wiki.

Should I be signing my name to all of my entries?
It's up to you. Sign or not.

How do I create a new wiki page?
Create a new WikiWord on any page. Save the page. Follow the new word to create the page. LikeThis.

Should I add an image with my posts on the Wiki?
You can and should if the image illuminates the page.

We like decoration, but we find that the idea of TheHyperIconicImage, and HyperIconomy overall, suits TheWikiWay. Think Blake's illustrated work as rethought by Marcel O'Gorman: "Blake has provided other individuals with a pictorial schema for organizing and generating knowledge." O'Gorman. When in doubt, add the image. It should be free to use (check CC). Even better, create or adapt an image for the page.

How do I embed a video on the wiki?
I was working on TheLossOfTheCommons page and I was wanting to embed a video on the page explaining the tragedy of the commons. However it did not work out and I ended up just linking back to it. I looked up how to find it on some other website but their solutions were pretty wiki specific. (i.e. wikipedia and even this video which showed how to embed videos on wetpaint wiki) I also looked up how to specifically on a wakka wiki but I didn't have much luck there either. LeahFleming

We don't. We collaboratively create and develop ideas in text and image. We add images as part of the HyperIconomy. Videos are time-based, and so we translate them to text and image. A summary of the video and a single frame is all that's needed. Some wikis are more about being repositories for other media. We're not about that. (link to Adrian Miles's consideration of video, Katherine Hayles on materiality, Kittler on Gramaphone et al)

How do I shrink an image on the wiki?
the image i uploaded on my wikihome is much to large, is there a way I can resize it? either by editing the coding, or the original URL I pulled it from? KendraKennebeck

I found three different tutorials on Wikipedia for you to look at. The first one is a picture tutorial and the thumbnail section might be helpful. The second one talks about preparing an images for upload and making sure that an image is being saved correctly before uploading. And the third talks about an infobox picture. This one, however, I'm not too sure of the relevancy simply because I'm not 100% up on the lingo of Wiki yet. Maybe experiment in the SandBox? Good luck. ChristineBelgarde

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