The Private and the Public

An early blog set up let bloggers decide whether to post to a private server or public.

Then there's the sense that culture has moved towards exhibitionism and its necessary counterpart voyeurism. It's not just a matter of weblogs, MySpace, Facebook, and posting on the web. Reality tv shows - and their celebrities and audiences - are part of the same trend.

When it comes to people posting things on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. that make the reader say, "did I really need to know that?" is something that the poster doesn't even realize. I think that because as a society we have become so intrigued to plastering our lives across social networking outlets it is something we do to feel as if we are as important to the rest of the world, when in reality nobody that doesn't know us really cares. Censoring ourselves is something that not everyone applies to themselves, but everyone is quick to complain when they read something someone has posted with the same consistency as what they had posted. I also think that people who post things that are an over share tend to forget that what they post to their social site other people will see and judge because of what they read whether the person reading knows the poster or not. Before posting things on the World Wide Web people need to ask themselves, "would I want Grandma to read that?"

There's also the idea that whatever is read by many people is worthwhile or important, so if the small events of your life are published perhaps that makes it all more important.
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