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Working in a strong community strengthens confidence and educational wisdom, people taking care of their own and helping writers better understand the thinking of the group. TheCommunity takes care of its own and makes sure everyone is meeting their potential. If not, they help pick the writer up, brush him/her off and get ready for a fresh start. It can be TheCommunity that helps one grow both inward and outward.

TheCommunity is the only thing that safeguards the neighborhood from brutes coming and spewing their lawlessness around. It maintains a safe and respectable community for bloggers to work and communicate in. It all involves TrustInTheCommunity. Use whatever term you want for TheCommunity, but just know that you have a group of scholars, thinkers and friends to turn to when you need them. When you have an afternoon and need help building a barn. BarnRaising is a great tool for bringing TheCommunity together and working for a cause ~ to help a fellow neighbor have a shelter for his animals. But it also shows how TheCommunity takes care of its own and has the best editors, like an Amish community has the best carpenters and wood-workers on the project.

It promotes goodwill and keeps the structure of TheCommunity strong. In one day, TheCommunity can put up a barn. In one day, TheCommunity builds a project that is strong for scholars and the rest of the Internet to use as a knowledgeable tool. Also, younger people and the less experienced, become more savvy in knowing how TheCommunity works and how lending a hand or an idea can benefit everyone all the way around.

TheCommunity may be helping the person collaborating at any stage in a project. BarnRaising always seems to be a big social event, too. In the Amish community it means eating and celebrating. When the work is done, it's a big sigh of accomplishment and making one feel good about oneself. It also gets people talking and communicating, and wanting to do more.

It's like playing dominoes, the help of TheCommunity becomes better and better. When the tables are turned, the one receiving the BarnRaising efforts from TheCommunity repays the favor. Just like in TheCommunity of the Amish, people keep helping people on the Internet, too. TheCommunity is always, and tirelessly, creating strength and social value. As long as TheCommunity keeps working together, everyone will always have time to meet the needs of others.

I shudder when I hear the word "community." It's not an outward shudder, though. No, the "CommunityShudder" is more of an inward shudder. It's hard to express my dislike for that word. it strikes me as a HippieWord.

So what words do I prefer to community? Well, "team" used to be a good, AmericanWord, but the business world really screwed that one up with "team building exercises" and the like.

"Family" also is a good one, but lately when i hear the word all i can think of is the song "We are family!..." and that song annoys the crap out of me.

So anyway, maybe "community" isn't a bad idea, but it sure is a crumbum word.

Maybe the topic you're looking for is WikiCommunities.

community is cognate with commune, which is pre-hippish, but consider the verb, too: to commune, communicate, communion?

Hm... interesting, the way you talk about community makes it sound like a cult...

I think one of the defining characteristics of TheCommunity is that it is supportive, but not (overly) restrictive. Sure, there are rules (as there should be, based on what some people will do when they're left to their own devices), but a community will be generally supportive of people who share similar views, regardless of whether they share <i>exactly the same</i> views.


Given the amount of time that we spend inside this Community, we must assume that we want it to be a place of growth and function. I feel that this is the real reason WhyWikisWork. In terms of TheCommunity in the outside world, there is a distinct gap between those who wish to make things work and those who are out to cause mayhem and anarchy. Sometimes, those two elements are great, but when the work being done by the community is at the level of an academic discourse, TheCommunity bands together not as a cult, but as a body of like minded people.


I, too, have a problem with the word community. Not only does this create a sense of a cult, or closed community, the way it is talked about in this piece it seems to also project a type of utopia. Rather than instilling confidence in me, I find myself reluctant to drink the Kool-Aid. The comparison to a BarnRaising is a great metaphor. I am reminded of the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." Would "Village" be a better term?

I like the term "concord" which implies a pact or an agreement, and also carries the synonym of friendship. There is definitely an unspoken agreement when TheCommunity comes together in a cooperative (another possible term) effort of collaboration. This debate of choosing the correct term may seem frivolous, but the wrong combination can undermine the value of what is happening here. What do you think of TheConcord?

This quote "Think of an open wiki space as a home that leaves its front door unlocked but doesn’t get robbed because the neighbors are all out on their front steps gossiping, keeping a friendly eye on the street, and never missing a thing." from Brian Lamb intrigues me. I feel a little more comfortable with the term "community" if we could incorporate this metaphor.

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