Info for: WhatMakesWikiWritingSoHard because under the last headline, I couldn't upload because someone else is working on it... and I don't have the time to just sit and wait for whoever else is working on it.

Wikis can be dreadful to use!

People have a preconceived idea about how web pages should look and how they are supposed to function. Writing on a wiki takes practice and sometimes it takes patience as well. Writing on a wiki is like working on a huge group project, where everyone who uses the site should theoretically contribute to the site. The only problem is that the number of people in your group are unknown, their base of knowledge is unknown, and they might not understand the ValueInRearrangingTheFurniture either.

Problem with Technicality and Usability

Problem with WikiCulture

Problem with Users and Collaboration

Problems with Content

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