Feedback on how writing on the wiki worked

Compiled by LindsayLarson

Berne: I would find a point in the page where I had something to comment on and put a little thread in there. A little bit here; a little bit there

Jonathan: I had a hard time with the wiki, because I wanted to go off on my own little tangents, and it made it hard for others...I wasn't being open with my questions -- I'd ask a rhetorical question, then answer it. I'd find a person's thread, comment on it, go off with nodes.

JP: I had that problem, too -- not sure if I should go into ThreadMode or DocumentMode. Making that call...

Sue: Accessing what others said made it easier for me to pick up where someone left off and add to it.

Lindsay: Inserting stuff in the middle of someone's thread/document?

Berne: Then there's the question, when breaking it open, of "whose is this?"

Jonathan: Maybe there should be a StyleGuide rule when inserting something into someone else's text?

Morgan: In ThreadMode there's nobody there to pull you back if you fly off on a tangent. So, it's more difficult to work with the thread. The wiki isn't set up for long discussions. In ThreadMode, you slow down. It's considered, not just a reproduction of loads and loads of writing. The responses build on one another. People tend to engage in monologues, rather than dialogues. It's hard to respond to a monologue -- it's not constructed that way.

Things that got in the way:
To help fix it:
Jonathan: When I see a person's name, I have a predefined idea of what he/she probably thinks about the given topic. Could we do this anonymously?

Morgan: It might be cleaner, broader. I would have to respond to the idea, not the person, then.

Bill: When I started doing this, I had my fingerprints on every topic. But it wasn't until I focused on two or three topics that it started to be constructive...not just doing it to put words down.

Jonathan: What about style? More formal?

Morgan: See StyleGuide. Concision is noble. (I'm writing for the StyleGuide in the manner I'm discussing in it.)


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