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Studio Tours:

Erik Rundquist's Wishing Well

According to the wiki's homepage, The Wishing Well is " made with the intention of being a database for information on problems that face the people of the United States and the World as a whole." The wiki seems to have high hopes of really bringing numerous minds and backgrounds together to achieve some serious accomplishments. While I question the site's ability to legitimately solve and conquer problems - it's intent and purpose is a solid and admirable one. As most wikis go, this site will rely heavily, even completely, on people contributing and really evaluating various ideas and plans to tackle the problems discussed on the wiki. Recognizing Erik's great input and beginnings, to really dive into the site's purpose, there will have to be far spread participation to grow on Erik's started discussions.

The wiki has already established some cornerstone issues that are pertinent to today's societal issues, national and international. The issues open for discussion include National Poverty, International Poverty, The War on Drugs, The War on Terrorismand Global Climate. At the moment, the only page not readily open for discussion is Global Climate. However, given the extreme interest in the issue, development and input is certain given time and opportunity.

I am interested in seeing the site develop and am eager to read various discussions. I wonder if the site will appear discussion and thread based or if it will resemble Wikipedia, as an organizational and encyclopedic reference. Does the developer have any certain goal in mind - or will he let it develop as it may?

The only small suggestion I have at the time is to tighten up the nuts and bolts of grammar. This may only stem from my composition background (English major here, don't blame me!) but I think any small changes will help in cleaning up the site and making it fluid for all readers.

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