Malaysia Truly Asia

I really liked how she focuses on the culture. She really goes in depth on what Malaysia is like and how much she appreciates about her country. I thought it was helpful, in my learning about Malaysia, that she not only had a list of facts about the area but she also explained the meanings of different words. She really writes her posts so that they are easy to understand, and that no matter who reads her blog they will be able to easily comprehend the information.

The layout she used was very appropriate to the information presented in the blog. I like that she didn’t use a layout with vibrant colors because that really gets to be distracting. Her blog presentation is simple yet has enough images to make it creative and not plain. The photos she used were beautiful and fit the content with the places she was explaining. Not only that but they really influenced me to want to visit her country..

I do have a few ideas to make her blog even stronger and more effective. Some of the captions under the photography could be longer and more descriptive. I loved how she had so many different attractions and places to write about, but for some of sites I would like to know a little more in formation. A few different areas where this could be more helpful would be under sub titles such as “The eye of Malaysia “, I want to know what is so significant about this site and what the history is behind it. Another one I thought could be expanded is on “A’ Famosa.” I just want more about it so that I can clearly understand the historical value
of the place.

Noble-Perish Wedding Blog

He does a very good job at writing this like a journal. I’m sure that’s the idea, but I think that for the content the style fit’s the blog very well. The information is fun to read about, and I learned what really goes into planning a wedding. All I can say is wow, that’s a lot of work. It’s nice to see that he doesn’t say “I did this, then we did this,” but instead he really tries to engage the reader by creating a scene. I also thought that his titles for each post was very effective, because I could scroll down and pick what types of wedding planning I felt like reading about. It was very inviting.

The layout he used really caught my eye because he has it all labeled of what the next part is. The posts are very detailed and helps me see exactly what is going on and what the process is to make everything happen. I like the colors he used, they are very calming and neutral to the eye. I think that the layout fit’s the content, elegant. That’s what I would have picked if I was to write about a wedding. It is not only the colors that make it this way but also the font of the title separating each individual post.

All though I love the content, and the site is very nice to view there are some thing I would recommend. First off, the “Check This Out” post, I think could be even more effective. An idea would be to add more description of what the link is to and what it’s about so it is not such a surprise to the reader. I would also love to see some pictures included with your text. This is more of a personal preference but I think that by uses images it is more attractive for the viewer to read.

O’Neil an Outdoor Obsession

The fist thing that caught my eye were all of the images. The first thing I do when I look at blogs or and site for that matter is scroll down. The images were very vivid part of his blog and like me, he also used a video. I thought the content went well with the photography. Focusing on the content more specifically, I really could see his passion for hunting, along with the out doors. The style in which he writes attracted me as a reader. I liked how he included stories in his work and how he shaded it to make it stand out. I felt that if a viewer is going to read anything it would be the stories that a emphasized.

This brings me to the visual aspect of the blog as a whole. Again this is a simple blog but not boring by any means. He uses pictures to catch the readers eye. I liked the video although it was obviously home made I still thought it was an effective addition to the project. The layout was again not irritating to the eye it was calm and easy to fallow with out being distracted by an over use of color. I like the fact that he distinguished not only a story but also some tips. This is a good technique to catch the reader.

A few tips I have for Zach would be to keep a consistent pattern with pictures. I noticed that many of them were centered then a few were justified to the right. I think that by centering them all would keep the confusion down. It would be more pleasing to the eye. Also I do like the simplicity, but maybe a little bit of color to the layout would make it even more appealing.

Evaluation and Points

I hope to recieve 150 points.

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