By Richelle Irish

Culinary Bible for College Students: Bittner

First off, I really like the idea of the blog. I think it is a really useful site for college students who want healthy and easy food. Secondly, the structure of the blog is very organized and makes it easy to read. I like the desgin and the the title of the page. The pictures of the recipes really enhances the page. The variety of the recipes also makes the page available for almost anyone who is willing to try new recipes. One thing that I really enjoyed was the links to coupons for food, it was very helpful. One thing that I thought could be maybe alittle more detailed was the directions on how to make the dishes and maybe that more could be added to the blogroll.

The strongest thing on the blog, in my opinion, is the fact that she tests out the recipes and writes a small paragraph in each post on how it turned out and if she liked it. One question that I have is if you have thought of adding desserts or drinks to the blog.

Overall, the blog looks really good and is very helpful. I would defintely return to the site to test out some of the recipes.

One link that I have found a lot of recipes on is I thought it might be helpful because it has tons of recipes you could link to.

Dirty Blvd: Wells

The layout of the page is very organized and I like that the design of the page. Each post is clear and includes the cd art, the songs, the year it came out and the rating of the cd. I think that it would be helpful if i was loooking to buy a cd and wanted to know if the cd was worth buying. The in-depth details of the cd makes the blog more realible and more trusting to the reader, at least myself.

The strongest thing that I found was the fact that the author knows the music very well and writes clearly in their responses. I think that the youtube video was interesting and showed what the music of the band sounded like. Adding some music videos or clips of music would make the page even better, in my opinion. Even though the blog is made for rock music, it could be useful to do some other posts of other genres. The side column of the page was useful too; The categories made it easier to find the exact article you want to read.

From an outside perspective, the site looks very professional and organized and i would return to it if I wanted to know how good a cd/song/band, etc is. I like to read reviews of many products that I may buy and I often use Consumer Reports.

A link to the site is Consumer Reports. Org and allthough they dont critque music, any music electronics and accessories are.

Games Games Games: Walker

The Blog Layout was simple and clean. The posts are very indepth and even though I dont know anything about gaming, I trust that the author knew what they were writing. This blog was alittle harder for me to understand because I do not know anything about gaming. I think that the site is good because it links to alot of sites and provides alot of information on gaming. I felt that one thing that could be added is maybe some photos or video because it could show more detail of specific games. The length of each post is quite long but detailed. I think that maybe if there were more posts, even if they were shorter, it could reach more readers.

A really strong part of the blog is at the end of each post, the reader knows what the author will write about next. It adds some feeling of suspense and anticipation for repeated readers to have it. Also, the blog follows the project proposal very well and keeps to it. Overall, the site seems very helpful to gamers.

While googling, I found this site that may be helpful to you: Game There are lots of reviews of different gaming things.

I was hoping to strive for a long lunch (150 points).
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