Studio Visits redux

To get ready for presenting during the last two weeks of class, I'm asking you to make a second studio visit. Refer to StudioTour1 for details. The idea is to get some feedback from others on what you've done as well as get a sense of where others are now. This gives you a rhetorical context for your upcoming (imminent!) presentation.

This time out, skip over the three studios you visited the first time and visit the <b>next</b> three on the list.

Keep each visit to a couple of well-focused paragraphs, written so to give the writer some useful feedback. To do this, I'd suggest reading the writer's Midterm Reflection and the Project Proposal to help you select what to focus on and what to connect back to. The writer's midterm reflection and the project proposal should be on the writer's wiki page.

As I mentioned the first time
* make some notes as you click around before you start try to write the responses

Your purpose for the visit is to bring new eyes to the project and say what you see. For you, the visitor, the purpose of the visit is to see what others are doing. The purpose for writing is to get those thoughts in order. So, fashion your comments from your notes

* to remark on what the writer is doing
* to let the writer in on another way of seeing what's happening
* to highlight things the writer might miss
* to raise questions that can open into more development

Again, keep the comments tight.

Hang your tour off your wiki page (title it /StudioTour2). When you're ready, leave a note on [ the Daybook], mentioning whose projects you visited and linking to your comments.

' Points '

As you did with your mid-term reflections, mention how many points you reckon you deserve for all three visits:

* 50 pts - drive through
* 100 pts - light lunch
* 150 pts - informal dinner
* 200 pts - seven-courser, wine included.... Details, links to examples, connections back to the project proposal....

You get the idea.

Questions? Post them to [ the Daybook] or visit me during office hours.

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