Title of project

Stamping techniques and projects

Executive Description

For my project I plan to use articles from my stamping magazines, web articles and other stamping blogs for related content and step by step instructions to help with my teaching different techniques to make stamping projects. I will post commentary entries, pictures, and a how to guide for different techniques.


For this project, I will provide detailed blog entries that will contain how to steps for different stamping techniques used on cards, scrapbooking pages and other handmade projects, as well as photo examples I have previously made and make throughout the project. I will also be commenting on other blogs I find during my research. I chose this topic because it is one of my hobbies as well as a home based business. It is my hope to reach out to beginning stampers and inspire them to use their creativity and have a tool to fall back on as a resource. I am choosing to use my blog because I feel it is easier to read and navigate through. I also hope to find other techniques by linking that I am unfamiliar with to expand my own creative knowledge.

I will compose 25 different blog entries with a step-by-step guide as well as photo examples of cards, calendars, and other projects I have made. I hope to find other techniques which I will use to make my own project and provide the details for those as well. In linking to other stamping sites and blogs, I will comment on articles that I have found to be of interest to myself and maybe to others.

I will be using my original blog page for this project and change the format as I go by adding new links and other things I find into my sidebar and I will also be adding photos.

In this project I hope to learn new techniques and improve on the ones that I already know. I am hoping that having to write so much on a weekly basis will improve my writing skills. I think that having a stamping blog is useful to others because you can learn something new, expand on something you already know and be able to comment or leave suggestions in way that does not change the meaning but enhances it.

Contract for grade

I am contracting for 1000 points. I plan to blog 3-4 times a week on the different techniques I have already learned, and also add entries on new techniques I find while researching other blogs and websites. I will use stamping articles that I receive from the company Stampin' Up! throughout my project as well. I am hoping to have 200 words or more per entry.


Monday, March 26: I will have posted 12 entries or more.
Monday, April 23: I will have posted 25-30 entires
Monday, April 30: I will have posted 35-40 entries to complete my project.
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