Soap Box

Oh the proverbial soap box. I wish I had an actual solid soap box. I would put it down somewhere where everyone could hear....of course I would have no idea what to say once standing on the soap box. Apparently that speach class in high school did nothing for me since I am still intimidated by crowds.

So what is a "soap box?" I have no idea when the term was coined though I am very certain soap boxes were really used as a podium for people to stand on and get their voices heard out in the street. A soap box is not for advice or friendly conversation. It is for giving a strong opinion, usually preaching to persuade.

Now, I could have turned this page into my own soap-box-rant, but I have nothing to rant about. So in regards to wikis, a soapbox is basically the same thing. It is a rant, which can be rather harsh in regards to something in debate.

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