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I'm Shanna. I'm an English Education major at Bemidji State University.

Food I Like

Wikis I'm Working On (Incomplete)

WikiLurker (I created the page on 2/18 and added a link. Wrote the majority of the content on 2/20. Added image. Revised/added content on 2/21 and 2/22)
OnFirstEnteringAPage (Began editing the previously created Wiki on 2/22. Refactored some wordy/confusing sentences. Added a bit of content. Connected the page to WikiLurkers).
WikiTroll (Created the page on 2/20. Added picture/initial content. Added Wiki words/revised on 2/22)
I also edited WikiWallflowers because it had some weird typos/word choices.

This week:
2/28: Created NoDecisions and began work based on a topic I found interesting, but only briefly discussed within the chapter.
3/1- Worked on NoDecisions and created a page for the wiki word WhatTheHellWiki just for fun.
3/2- Added more content and a link on NoDecisions.


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