Setting Up a Weblog, part 1

For Monday
Before we meet again, take some time to get used to using a blog.

for Wednesday - Friday
Once you're registered on the Daybook, post your blog address to the Daybook announcing that your blog is ready for visitors.

Start posting at least once a day - on whatever you wish.

Read Blood, chaps 2 and 3, and review chap 1, to get a sense of what bloggers do, and why. Comment on these chapters on your blog.

Have a look at some blogs to see what bloggers write about - and how they write about it. Post your comments and observations to your blog and link to the blog you're commenting on.

Link to the sites or stories you're commenting on - to practice linking. Refer to Yang and Blood, Appendix II on how to create links and advice on writing linktext.

Problems? Visit the CAL Computer Classroom during open access times. Talk to me. Talk to others in the class.



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