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My name is Samantha Crews. My whole life I’ve encountered things I’ve found passions for. I fell in love with reading and writing at seven when I wrote my first little story, photography at a wedding when I was ten and took a lovely silhouette, and travel at seventeen while recalling a book I read a long time before. I’m constantly thinking about what I could do to involve all my passions in my future. I could get a TEFL certification and teach English abroad. I could freelance for websites like Upwork or PeoplePerHour. I could write ebooks for Amazon Kindle. I could become a travel blogger likeHand Luggage Only or The Blonde Abroad. Or I could just work miscellaneous jobs everywhere like on a cruise ship or as a tour guide. Once I graduate from Bemidji State University— hopefully in Fall 2018 — I can finally start towards my goals. Who knows what can happen then? Maybe I’ll find something extraordinary that I never considered before. I can’t wait!

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