Richard Case

Picture of Myself

My name is Richard Case. I am currently attending Bemidji State University (BSU) for my degree in computer science. While taking this course I hope to learn how to write effective wikis and to develop skills in public relations. These days I spend a lot of my time on campus. I currently work in the library on campus as tech support. Before working in the library, my only work experience with technology came from working with some sound equipment for plays. Recently I also became the computer science club president at BSU, and I volunteer some of my time in the computer science lab as well.

I spend most of my free time developing free software. That is both free in price, and free as in what you may do with it as well. You can see some of the software I have worked on in the github link below. It should not be a surprise that I have worked with markdown before this class, and this is not the only wiki I am maintaining. The version control that is used by this wiki software, though slightly different than services like github, is also not new to me. Some of my interests that are not computer related include swimming, mountain biking, and gardening. In the picture above I was preparing wetland flats for the job I had at an organic nursery over the summer. I even use to have plants in my dorm, but I had to get rid of them due to how cold it was getting by the window.

Course Work

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