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=====Raya Newbold's WikiName Page=====

Hi, My Name is Raya Newbold. I am a grad student at BSU. I spent the last 19 years as an undergrad at BYU and before that 2 years at Central Lakes College. During those last 21 years, I got married, had 8 kids, ran an online organic clothing business, built a house, studied midwifery, neurobiology, microbiology, autism education and every other thing of interest that I bumped in to.

====Things I am hoping to learn this semester====
- how to use wikis in academia
- how politeness works in social media
- why there are not enough Zombies/vampires/ogres in any of Jane Austen's books. Mary Shelley did it, why can't Jane Austen?
- to understand the nature of web-based publishing with an understanding of reach and audience

====My Communications====
- Blog [[]]
- Email [[]]
- Facebook [[]]
- My son's business page [[]]
- Buy his book! [[]]

===Assignements and Exercizes===
- FirstWikiNotesRLN
- a new Wiki for my son's monsters [[]]
- Pages I've added usefulness to: TheAudience, PublicsAndCounterPublics, TechnoDeterminism, WikiAsPatternBook, TribalAttitude, MarkDown
- ProjectProposalRLN
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