Title of project

Zach O'Neill: An Outdoor Obsession

Executive description

Content on my blog will be outdoor related material created by linking to other blogs, using personal experience, linking to related websites, and building from content I feel is appropriate. I intend create this blog to be a place for useful information, events, and happening in the outdoor world by combining all the aspects the outdoors have to offer.


I will create content that is both useful and entertaining for readers. My hope is that this blog will be interesting and intriguing enough that readers outside of this class will regularly visit. The outdoor world is a big part of where we live, this combined with my passion, is the reason I will be using this subject.

For my blogroll these are the known sites I will be linking to: Minnesota Deer Hunters, Pope & Young Club, Boone & Crockett Club, North American Hunter Magazine, and Cabelas.

There are many websites and blogs with similar material on the WWW. I will attempt to pull content together from these various sources, to get a broad view of everything outdoors. I will be writing on everything from camping, hunting, fishing, trapping, and so on.

I feel a big part of the outdoors is the visual aspect. I will use pictures and videos in an attempt to help viewers gain a sense of the experience. I plan on linking videos on a few of my posts rather than putting them directly on my blog. Although I want to add a decent amount of visual content, I also don't want my blog to be slow while loading. I will try to keep a good balance between enough visual stimulation to keep the viewers interested, and writing to contribute thoughts on the subjects.

Contract for Grade

I will be contracting for 750 pts. I feel this is the most realistic option for me, posts 3-4 times a week, with about 500 words a day.


* Mar 31 - Minimum of 18-20 posts and articles.
* April 21 - By this point my blog should be filled with a good amount of content, a minimum of 30 posts, covering most of the subjects I intend to blog about.
* May 7 - Minimum of 30 posts, a well formed blog, and a personal satisfaction with the overall job done!

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