Sierra Walton
Dr. Morgan
18, February, 2009

Project Proposal


Frugality 101
-Surviving the Economic Crisis-

Executive description

My project will be a blog created to inform readers of ways to save money by making simple life changes or creating things themselves. I will be using a blog rather than a wiki for organizational reasons.


With today's economic crisis, people are being forced to find different ways of cutting their personal spending so that they can survive. I'm creating this blog as a resource for these recently unemployed people or those that have had their hours cut. I will be using a blog because it would be easier for readers to reach the new tips and material instead of navigating through all of the old information.

In my blog, I will post tips on how to save money, along with videos in which I will be demonstrating how to do various Do-it-yourself projects. I will also write articles about dangerous ways of cutting costs that should not be used, such as not adding enough formula to a baby's bottle. These articles would inform readers of why they should not do these things and possible alternatives. Lastly, my blog will contain posts that are news updates on the economy and how this news may effect us.

Frugality 101 will have a simple format. It will have a light background with dark text. It will have two columns. The left column will contain the posts and the right column will contain the archive, blogroll, and categories. This format will serve my project's aim better than a wiki because it will allow all readers to find what they are looking for with ease. Regular readers or subscribers will see new material right away, and new readers can navigate to what they are looking for by either clicking on the appropriate category or using the search box.

I have not discovered any blogs focused on my aim, so I am not borrowing from any. However, if I do find any, I will list them in my blogroll along with blogs focused on economic news.

My project report will contain information on how much money I have saved or that readers could have saved by applying my tips to their lives. It will post my report onto my blog so that readers can see how useful the information can actually be.

Contract for grade

I am contracting for 1000 points. I will post 5 times a week, one of which will be a how-to video that I will make myself. The non-video posts will be at least 500 words. By the end of the semester, my blog should contain 3 essays reaching 1000 words or more. The essays may be personal stories told to me by my grandma who lived during the Great Depression followed by reflections, essays that serve as mythbusters, or information on how to get assistance if they aren't saving enough money.


-By March 23rd-25th, I will have posted 4 video posts and 16 posts that don't contain videos. Each of my posts will be linked to at least three websites or blogs that contain more information about the post such as news and more tips. By this time I will have also posted a 1000 word essay.

-By April 15th, I will have posted at least 8 videos. My blog will also contain three 1000 word essays and will have a developed blogroll. My blog will have at least 32 postings that don't contain videos and cover a range of topics including: home decor, cooking, repairs, entertainment, and economic news.

-By April 20th-April 29th, I will have calculated money saved or potentially saved by readers and use this in my developing project report.

-May 6, I will have had my project report completed and posted on my blog.
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