Title of Project

Confessions of a Coffee Addict

Executive description

I will be creating a blog on the topic of coffee, discussing coffee drink recipes, coffee house reviews and articles on coffee. I chose this topic because I love coffee and I feel like I can find enough information to keep up a successful blog through research and personal experience.


In my blog I hope to write about coffee drinks recipes and how to make drinks at home a few times a week that are several paragraphs long. An example of a site were I could find some of these recipes are: http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/Drinks/Coffee/Main.aspx. Secondly, I am planning to do a coffee drink of the week and feature its ingrediants, its steps and my rating of how good I think it is. I will post this drink of the week every Monday and it will last for the entire week. Next, I will create several personal coffee house reviews. The coffee house reviews will be about every week depending on if I find a new coffee shop. Some examples of a Coffee Houses are Starbucks, Caribou, Dunn Brothers and others. In the review, i will include the pricing (good, fair, expensive), rating of how good the coffee was (1,2,3,4,5 stars), how good the service was (excellent, ok, poor), appearance of the restaurant and its overall rating. Third, for more factual information, I hope to find some articles on coffee that may include interesting facts and nutrition information that I could link and post about. A site where I could find these facts are: http://www.coffeefacts.com/. I hope to also learn more about coffee and inform people about coffee too by having some random blogs about coffee related issues that are brought up to my attention. A neat site that I just recently found is http://www.quotegarden.com/coffee.html. It contains coffee quotes and I am thinking of putting these quotes on my page at differerent times of the semester because some are comical.
I chose this topic because I love coffee and I feel like I can find enough information to keep up a successful blog through research and personal experience. I like the caffeine and the warmth along with the memories associated with coffee.
The design of the Blog will probably be simple with a few things on the sidebar/blog roll. In the blog roll, there will be the sites that I frequently refer to, "Recent Posts", "Recent Comments", and "Categories". I plan on making three sections on the side: "Make Your Own Coffee Drinks", "Featured Coffee of the Week", and "Coffee House Reviews". I will be taking images of the outside of the restaurants that I go to and posting them on the blog, I could also maybe take a short video of them creating the drink. Images and video that are relatable will be also be added that I could get off of my own facebook, myspace or on the internet.
I envision this blog to be mostly just a factual blog that is informative and interesting and contain 3-4 weekly posts that are several paragraphs long. This blog will contain some opinion of my own but I am going to try to keep it more informal.

Contract for Grade

I am working alone so I take the responsibility on my self alone. My goal is to acheieve 750 pts (B). I plan to post or at least access my blog daily (or as often as I can, if I am unable to post on a certain day) by posting 3-4 times a week that are several paragraphs long or about 500 words.


-By Monday and Weds, Mar 23 and Mar 25, I expect to have posted at least 12 times in in-depth blogs that are intertwined with articles and links along with images and video. I also expect to have comments from other bloggers and have a blog that is viewed frequently.
-By April 15, my blog hopefully did not fail and I posted about 35 times. My blog would have comments and there are some authors added to it too.
-Mon, 20 April - Weds 29 April, I plan to have created and completed a successful blog and hope to have a good presentation.
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